1-2-1 Personal Trainer in Loughborough

1-2-1 Personal Training is said to be the ‘bread and butter’ of my industry. Over the years, some of my greatest accomplishments have come through personal training. My testimonial page will give you a snapshot into some of these achievements. If you are interested in becoming a client, please follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Contact me by clicking here.

Step 2

We will meet to discuss your expectations. You will have the opportunity to advise me of your goals, time frames and any health concerns. I will also have the chance to discuss how to get you to your goal. At this point,  we can both consider if we are a good fit and can work well together to achieve your goals.

Step 3

We will next discuss the nutrition plan I am recommending, based on our initial meeting. We can take body measurements and any pre-conditioning photos (optional) which will be important tools to track progress over the coming months. Here, I will take you through warming up and cooling down, and introduce you to foam rolling. I will also take you through a few simple movement patterns. This will give me an indication of your strengths and weaknesses, and from this I will be able to write your tailored work-out plan.

Step 4

From here I will introduce your work-out plan. We will hold regular meetings to discuss your progress and make any necessary changes to your plans.

Where I train my clients in Loughborough:

I work from a private personal training studio in Loughborough, but also offer home personal training as an option.


Legacy Training
17 Forest Road
LE11 3NW

Email: matt@matthallfitness.com