Well here goes, this is my journey filled with every range of emotion from absolute fear to a confident lady both in the gym and in everyday life!

Weight loss/ dress size

The facts: I have lost 21 kilos/46lb in total over the last 2 1/2 years and I have dropped 4 Dress Sizes!

In 2014 after my fourth daughter, I found that every aspect of my life seemed to have spiralled out of control. I didn’t have enough time to focus on any thing properly, I was always rushing either at work, doing school runs, kids clubs, housework gees the list is endless. I hated meal times as it was stressful with the kids and something that I couldn’t wait to be over with. At this point I was so unhappy with the way I looked and felt, my weight had steadily increased after the last pregnancy and having had 4 c-sections I was carrying alot of weight around my middle. I had got to the point where I hated my reflection and if I didn’t like what was looking back me in mirror how could anyone else. I would cover up at home or when we were out in loose fitting dresses, going swimming with the kids was a thing of the past, I would paint a smile on my face and just get on with whatever needed doing!

New Years resolution

It was December 2014 when I told my husband he needed to help me, I needed to find me again, and that there was no way I could do it on my own! The thought of finding a gym and or a personal trainer scared me senseless but I knew once something was arranged I couldn’t let anyone down, myself included. So my News Years Resolution for 2015 was to find the old me again healthier and happier, however I hadn’t really looked into it any deeper than that! So Andrew booked an appointment for me on the 3rd January 2015, I had never been in a gym before, to be honest the thought made me want to run for the hills, dumbells, barbells I hadn’t got a clue thats without taking into account any of the other equipment! I will always remember walking into the gym that very first time and for the next few weeks, the thought of people looking at me, criticising me, thinking what is she doing here, she hasn’t got a clue…. believe me I thought it alI! However, was it that bad? Not on your life! This was the first day of the new me and the day I met Matt Hall, a personal trainer who was based at small private gym in Loughborough just around the corner from home! No excuses!

Goal setting –

As we sat talking about what my goals were, we talked about what my normal day consisted of food wise and exercise, it felt uncomfortable talking about my poor eating habits, lack of exercise, bad sleep patterns or just lack of sleep in general, to be honest thats still not changed but I do try! So like most people I just wanted to lose a bit of weight and feel a better about myself! I had quite a shock when we talked more and more about food as I thought it would be more about exercise. Matt made me feel at ease from day one, he understood how I felt and slowly with some coaxing I finally started to relax when we trained at the gym, he gave me a food plan personalised for me and I was able to follow a simple cardio training plan for when I started at the local leisure centre on my own and we always stuck to a weights routine in our sessions, so I could master good form and technique! I followed his instructions never wavering from his guidance, I couldn’t believe that even though I was eating more my weight was dropping week by week! Over time we have changed/increased my food and training to help me progress further. It has been hard at times staying focused or trying to get your head around things, easing off on my cardio was tough for me, if I stop it or change it will the weight go back on again? Its hard to trust someone that tells you, we are going to change things up, we are going to lift heavier, change our routines, when what you’ve been doing has worked so well. But with new goals, there are always new comfort zones to push through and with Matts guidance I’ve achieved these and so much more. I have listened to Matt and taken on board everything he has said, I’ve learned so much from him, I’ve seen my body change through the months and most importantly I’ve changed. I have confidence again, probably moreso than before, I can walk into any gym and put together my own routines, I can walk in a restaurant or cafe on my own without worrying about people looking at me, I can wear a bikini on holiday and feel comfortable in my own skin again, I’m generally just a happier person to be around.

Time management

So when people have said to me how do you find the time? I couldn’t do that or I don’t have time to train or prepare food, thats just nonsense, we all have the same 24hrs a day its what you chose to do with it! I will always remember those early months, once I had put the girls to bed, I would leave Andrew at home with the girls so I could have my time at gym, I was always tired in the evening, I was often grumpy but I always went to the gym I had a goal! When people have said to me, your taking it too far, go on treat yourself, or your letting it rule your life…. I’ve still stuck at it, I know I’m healthier, fitter and stronger and if it makes me happy, than why would I stop! A happier me makes for a happier Mum, Wife, Friend etc

Strong not Skinny

I have also learned that the numbers on the scales staring up at me have no importance, I have seen how different my body can look at the same weight! It has taken me time, consistency and a huge amount of commitment/willpower to get to where I am now. I have enjoyed 2 fitness photoshoots with SNHFOTO, but stepping on stage recently for the WBFF Worlds London event, in the Transformation Category at the O2 Arena has to be the biggest achievement for me so far! I may look different to before but I am the same person just with a different outlook on life! I never once thought it was possible for me to achieve my current physical condition, it just shows you that anything is possible, if you want enough!

Thanks for reading,
Rach 🙂 x