You hear everybody saying Abs are made in the kitchen, well eating healthily definitely helps keep body fat down. But I’m sure you know loads of people who eat healthily but don’t have that perfect six pack!

Here’s what Personally works for me:

Along with a good healthy eating plan train your Abs Hard 1-2 times a week Max.
Don’t over train your Abs. Give your Abs enough time to recover from your previous workout. I find my Abs look better on a Monday after a weekend of rest!

*Use heavier weighted exercises and also body weight higher rep exercises

*Keep the recovery between sets to a minimal 30-45 seconds max

*Perform your exercise in a circuit

*Make sure your hitting different angles to include as many different muscles as possible

Here’s my ‘go to’ Ab Exercises:

1 – Rope crunch
2 – Weighted Russian twist
3 – Decline crunch
4 – Decline reverse crunch (Role backs)
5 – hanging leg raises from side to side