Staying Consistent

Far too often I see people going through a phase. They go absolute hell for leather with there training, track every single Macro, weigh there food, completely cut out carbs and avoid every social event going. And then 1 month later have jacked it all in because it’s too difficult to sustain.

Marathon not a Sprint

You have to make eating healthily and training fit into your lifestyle. It is much healthier to be 70% good all of the time rather than 100% good for a short period of time. By this I mean schedule your workouts in, make healthy choices the majority of the time but also make sure you enjoy the finer things in life. Such as time with your family, treat meals, social events and holidays. Because if you don’t you will soon end up resenting your diet and training plan and before you know it will probably end up binging and going back to an even worse place than when you started. Sound familiar?


As mentioned in previous blogs Planning is so important. If you want to have your cake and eat it you can. By this I mean it just takes some readjusting with your training plan and eating plan in order to still enjoy the things you want to.

Got a wedding party coming up? And you want to enjoy a few drinks without feeling guilty? This is what I would do:

Reduce your weekly calories

If an average pint of beer has 200calories in it and I want to have 5 pints over the whole wedding day with some wedding cake and various other treats, I might guesstimate that I will probably take on an additional 3000 calories extra that week to what I would normally have. So one simple method I might use would be to take off those 3000 calories over the 6 days before so that for the week my overall calories stays the same. Now granted the quality of the calorie won’t be as good and I might not necessarily hit my macros but at least I can stick to my weekly calorie goal without veering off track too much. Oh and you won’t be called boring for not having some cake 😉

For somebody who doesn’t track calories and doesn’t want to over complicate things, another tip might be to simply add in an extra workout or two that week. Or reduce your carbs slightly. This alone usually brings your calories right down.

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Matt Hall Personal Trainer Loughborough