Something that I come across all the time being a personal trainer is when somebody gets in great shape there friends and family start saying things like “you’ve gone too far…. You need to put weight on, you need to live a little, Oh go on you can afford to eat it that, You ‘re obsessed, You ‘re No fun anymore, you only think of yourself. These are words typically coming from somebody who has never been in great shape before, never experienced that feel good feeling you get after a workout, never experienced feeling comfortable and happy with the way there clothes fit and probably feels tired and sluggish on a daily bases. It amazes me the world we live in when if your into your health and fitness you’re thought of as being a fitness freak, yet a morbidly obese person walking down the street has just become accepted as ‘The Norm’.

For me personally when I’m training well, organized with my food and getting enough sleep everything is better. I’m more focused at work, my energy is better, I don’t cut corners I am a nicer person to be around.

Next time you see someone you love and care about change there life around for better, don’t knock them down to make yourself feel better about the way you feel, get onboard with them and do the same, then you might start to understand a bit more about why this person now feels so good.