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Hi, I’m Matt Hall…

A Personal Trainer from Loughborough in England. I have travelled the world teaching health and fitness to people from all walks of life.
I am now working in brand new Anytime Fitness in the heart of Loughborough town where I continue to educate people on the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Whether your goal is Fat Loss, building muscle or simply to become a better version of yourself I can help you.

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Step 1

Reach out and arrange your consultation and discover how we can work together to achieve all of your health and fitness goals.

Step 2

We will meet to discuss your expectations. You will have the opportunity to advise me of your goals, time frames and any health concerns. I will also have the chance to discuss how to get you to your goal. At this point, we can both consider if we are a good fit and can work well together to achieve your goals.

Step 3

We will next discuss the nutrition plan I am recommending, based on our initial meeting. We can take body measurements and any pre-conditioning photos (optional) which will be important tools to track progress over the coming months. Here, I will take you through warming up and cooling down, and introduce you to foam rolling. I will also take you through a few simple movement patterns. This will give me an indication of your strengths and weaknesses, and from this I will be able to write your tailored work-out plan.

Step 4
From here I will introduce your work-out plan. We will hold regular meetings to discuss your progress and make any necessary changes to your plans.

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Personal Training in Loughborough

Why train with Me?

With 12 years experience in the Fitness industry I have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to develop tailored nutrition and training programmes bespoke to every individual client.

I am extremely passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals, and I will always go the extra mile to make sure this happens.

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