Hi I’m Matt,

Thanks for visiting my website.

This is usually the page where a personal training makes a list of all of their qualifications and big themselves up for at least a page and a half, and by this point you get bored and lose interest.

With that said I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am a fantastic trainer and I genuinely care about my clients. Because I have a genuine care for my clients I achieve very good results. Please check out many success stories of people I have trained and helped over the years.

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Something I pride myself on as a trainer is helping my clients achieve the results they have always wanted. I genuinely care about them reaching their goals. My clients are my walking advertisement, and I will do my utmost to ensure they reach their goals.

I have always believed as a trainer that in order to advise someone how to be in great shape, you have to be in great shape yourself. That is why I will always practise what I preach.  I continuously learn new training methods, and try different techniques on myself, to see what is most effective and what isn’t.

Getting in great shape is more than just physical, it can really transform your confidence and mentality for everything in life.

I truly believe in a work-life balance. I love the finer things in life. Good food (pie and mash!), good wine, and holidays. I always say to my clients that it’s important to find the right balance that fits your lifestyle. Monday to Friday, I enjoy training and eating healthy foods; and at the weekends I enjoy a meal out and some leisure time with my family. Experience tells me that if you deprive yourself of certain things, that it’s not going to be sustainable. A healthy work-life balance is so important to your overall well-being.