I’ve had Matt as my PT for the last 18 months, and have been amazed with the transformation he has helped me to achieve. Matt pushes you harder and harder in training, but what really stands out is the relationship he builds with his clients. He develops your weaknesses, sets regular, frequent challenges, and gives you the belief and confidence to achieve them. In my case, Matt encouraged me to do a fitness photoshoot, which I would have never have had the confidence to do previously, and then worked with me to help me to achieve that goal.

The support outside of training sessions is also greatly appreciated, and Matt helps tailor my training round work and social commitments, and is available 24/7 when questions about training or diet come up. Matt has the knowledge, passion and understanding of fitness and exercise to motivate, inspire and challenge his clients, and helps make a positive lifestyle change long after you finish training.

I have been trained by Matt for about 18months now and I couldn’t be happier. His consistent motivation, support and unlimited knowledge on training and nutrition have been the key to my transformation. I have not only lost the weight I wanted and more, but I’ve also gained a body that I never thought possible, especially after having four daughters. A Phenomenal Personal Trainer, who wants to help you achieve your goals.

I have been trained by Matt for about 18months now and I couldn’t be happier. His consistent motivation, support and unlimited knowledge on training and nutrition have been the key to my transformation. I have not only lost the weight I wanted and more, but I’ve also gained a body that I never thought possible, especially after having four daughters. A Phenomenal Personal Trainer, who wants to help you achieve your goals.


After training on my own and in a few different gyms over the last few years, I wasn’t getting the results I had hoped for. I was getting fitter but never looking the way I wanted to. I found Legacy online and saw they specialised in aesthetics. After sending them an email I was put in touch with Matt Hall.

Matt has taken me through training 6 days a week for 10 weeks and the knowledge of how to train and what to put into my body is incredible. Always asking how your body feels and tailoring each session to get the best results .

For many years I trained at various gyms with PTs and ate clean, but never achieved the results I desired. That all changed when I met Matt Hall, he understood my physique goals and delivered a transformation in 3 months, through intense structured weight routines and a fine tuned nutritional diet. Matt is engaged from day 1 and is personally invested in your transformation, which is reassuring and he ensures the motivational levels never waiver. I look and feel healthier and this has lifted my confidence and delivered a new lease of life at 42 years. Thanks Matt

For many years I trained at various gyms with PTs and ate clean, but never achieved the results I desired. That all changed when I met Matt Hall, he understood my physique goals and delivered a transformation in 3 months, through intense structured weight routines and a fine tuned nutritional diet. Matt is engaged from day 1 and is personally invested in your transformation, which is reassuring and he ensures the motivational levels never waiver. I look and feel healthier and this has lifted my confidence and delivered a new lease of life at 42 years. Thanks Matt

Training with Matt is an absolute pleasure. He has an incredible way with people, and his positive attitude shines through always.

Since beginning the training in January I have seen great results and I now finally feel comfortable in my own body. Not only has Matt given me knowledge and better health, but he’s helped improve my confidence.

The diet plans and workouts are simple and straight to the point. Once I told him what I wanted to achieve, he gave a plan that was easy to follow, and each week he would tweek it depending on how I looked.

What I’ve learnt most is that consistency is everything – with food and workouts. Keep plugging away and then one day, the results appear and it’s a great feeling.

I owe a lot to Matt and could never of got into a decent shape without him.

Veronica Merotti

Training with Matt Hall has quite simply been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, giving me amazing results that have brought about positive and permanent changes to my life!

As a trainer, Matt’s total professionalism is second to none; his knowledge of bio-mechanics, human physiology and nutrition is impressive to say the least. This means I can have complete trust in the exercises we do, safe in the knowledge that I’m perfectly capable of doing what is asked and I’ve also been shown how to do it correctly, to safeguard from injury. Furthermore Matt is great at explaining in layman’s terms how I can get the very best out of each exercise/movement/session.

Matt genuinely cares about his clients and is deeply dedicated to improving their fitness and health. I’ve never met anyone who even comes close to being as passionate about fitness. One of the (many) things I greatly admire about Matt, is the way he leads by example by truly practising what he preaches. This enthusiasm is totally infectious and helps me want to push myself just that little bit further each time. Thankfully it’s not all work and no play, as Matt’s bubbly personality does allow for a good old giggle in between smashing super sets .

During the time I’ve been training with Matt, I have accomplished a whole host of personal goals including successfully completing a marathon and a gruelling 7 day cycle across the Italian Alps at punishing altitudes. My holy grail, however, was losing body fat and toning up. With Matt’s help and constant encouragement, I have lost 20 kg’s and three dress sizes!! My wardrobe has had a complete makeover and it now includes garments that say XS on the label….which I find totally mind boggling.

I’ll forever be grateful to Matt for everything he has taught and inspired me to do!!

Atish Patel

For a number of years I have been one of those ‘yo-yo’ gym goers, depending on what I felt like dictated how much I trained and what I ate. On the whole I am an active person, my job as a Primary School Teacher keeps me on my feet and I play a good level of hockey as well. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Patella Tendonitis in my left knee which meant exercising was very difficult and recovery would take a very long time; work was also very busy being my first year in Australia. The picture you see below on the top left was the size I bloated to through a very poor diet and too much alcohol. The point I realised I needed help was when I was sat in our staff room and my lower button on my shirt popped in front of staff, which was a very embarrassing moment.

Luckily for me I knew where to turn for help. I’ve known Matt Hall for 16 years now and understand he is a motivated, professional trainer who takes his job seriously. He continuously leads by example by practising what he preaches which as a client is important. Through various sources I have seen Matt was a Personal Trainer who specialised in body aesthetics so I knew he was the perfect trainer to help me. Being in Australia, Matt spent time with me on Skype creating a Matt Hall Online PT Programme to work around my schedule, taking into consideration my tendonitis and recovery needs. He also developed a personalised nutrition plan which was very easy to follow and tasted great! Throughout my Matt Hall Online PT Programme he checked in on me on a regular basis, we adapted the programme when we found things didn’t work as he appreciated all of our bodies are different and may react differently.

If I had any problems Matt was readily available through emails, which were replied to quickly and efficiently. Below is the end result, it was hard work but those moments I felt I was going to throw in the towel Matt was there to push me along which was what I needed. Due to the Matt Hall Online PT Programme, I have just completed a 23 game hockey season which included two training sessions and a match a week. I have no hesitation recommending the Matt Hall Online PT Programme. I am getting married next year and I will be taking another one of Matt’s transformation programme to build on my progress and look great for my wedding.

Chris Antoniou

Having reached a major milestone in my life I decided to revisit my long ignored bucket list and finally take action. High up on this list I noticed the entry “exercise/six-pack”. I had never really done any significant exercise in the last 20 years since leaving school and was determined to cross this entry of my list. I then bumped into a friend who had just won the award of “fitness instructor of the year” and he mentioned that he had a personal trainer called Matt Hall. I thought this guy must be good if he is training trainers and researched him further. Amazed at the transformations he had achieved for his clients I arranged a meeting with him and promptly signed up for a course of training sessions.

I cannot express how ecstatic I am with the obviously visible results I achieved within the first few weeks let alone the 3 month stage I am at now. I have friends that ask me to send progress photos of my transformation and all, without fail, don’t believe that I have not photo-shopped the pictures. Obviously I haven’t, and there is no way I could have achieved these results so quickly without Matt Hall. Having never lifted a weight in my life, I was seriously intimidated and absolutely clueless about what to do on the gym floor without him. Matt is constantly adjusting/tweaking routines, correcting errors and motivating me to be the best I can be.

Without over-exaggerating, Matt Hall really is a life changing force to be reckoned with and I cannot imagine anyone else being able to help me achieve the results I desired in such a ridiculously short period of time. I now know that I’m not just imagining it because random people are constantly commenting and complimenting me on my physique which feels a bit weird but is definitely satisfying. I just wish I had found Matt sooner and not wasted decades dreaming about what was achievable in a mere few weeks with his guidance. I really don’t need to say anything as my progress pictures speak for themselves, however, I cannot recommend Matt Hall strongly enough.

Matt Sibson

Having returned from summer holiday in 2015 filled with food and lacking activity I decided that now was the time that I needed to get into shape.
At the age of 42 and doing only a little running each week it was obvious that I needed a step in the right direction to get fit and look better.

I’d not stepped foot in a gym for over 20 years and had never lifted weights before so the thought of going to the gym was daunting. I knew that I would need some help.

I found Matt Hall whilst researching Personal Trainers and having read his Testimonials I decided to take the plunge and got in touch for a meeting.
From the word go I was put at ease by Matt. Time was spent discussing what I wanted to achieve and what I was prepared to put into the process. He showed genuine interest in me and my goals. We discussed in detail both nutrition and exercise with Matt offering advice on both to guide me on my way.

Matt Continues to be a great source of encouragement and motivation a year into the journey. He is as interested now in my nutrition and exercise regimes as he was on the first day.

The strategies that he develops are always interesting and challenging, keeping you focused. He is also very astute in changing around training plans to ensure you never get bored. He listens, advises and delivers. In return you naturally want to achieve the goal that Matt sets.

Twelve months down the line and having committed to process I can honestly say I have never felt better. More energy, more focus, I’m much fitter and I feel a whole lot better. Aesthetically I look better too. I’ve gone from dreading going to the gym to looking forward to gym, something I thought I never would.
I certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have without Matt’s continuous involvement, input and support.

I cannot recommend Matt highly enough as both an individual and mentor. He is a natural people person, a strong motivator with a positive approach and above all a thoroughly decent bloke!

If you have got this far then there is only one thing left to do. CALL Matt Hall. You won’t regret it.

Greg Haigh

I have been a regular gym user of the last few years but I never seemed to achieve the results I would have liked. After seeing a friend, who trained with Matt, transform his body shape I decided I wanted to try a personal trainer and Matt was the obvious choice.

Matt got me on the right track from day 1, improving my nutrition, eating habits and overall training plan.

I would highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer he is very knowledgeable and experienced, he keeps the training sessions varied and interesting and makes tweaks and changes week by week as he sees your body change.

If you are willing to put in the effort, Matt will get you the results you never thought possible and when you start seeing improvements it really motivates you to keep going and you will find your lifestyle will change for the better.

Matt is both professional and personable, a top trainer and great guy.


“I have been training with Matt since May this year following the birth of my third child in February. I was very nervous as I hadn’t trained in a gym or used weights for over 10 years but Matt immediately put me at ease.
Following Matts advice on nutrition and training with him twice a week I have lost 21lbs in 4 months and my body is probably in the best shape it has ever been in!

I highly recommend training with Matt and I look forward to seeing my progress continuing over the coming months.”


I have been training since I was 16, making mistakes and learning. My goal has always been simple, to get ripped and in the best shape I can achieve. It took me 10weeks with Matt to reach my goal, something I wasn’t able to do in my 20 years of training. He has deep knowledge of the human body, and many years’ experience which is shown from training with him. He is also versatile and can adapt to your changing needs in body/exercises and diet. He is always looking for alternate ways to develop and train his clients to make sure there is always something new to offer. I am very happy with where this is going all thanks to Matt.


“After 5 months of personal training with Matt Hall, I saw the transformation of my body. The pictures taken of my progress through the five months training visually measure the big changes that my body achieved thanks to Matt’s knowledge, capability to address my needs, communication skills, clarity, and charismatic personality.

What started as a dream, today shows to be a true goal thanks to Matt. I know that without him, regardless of my commitment I will not have been where I am now, very close to having the body I always wanted.

Matt is without doubt the best trainer I ever had, not only because he knows what he is talking about but also because he portrays his knowledge through his life style and his physique.”


Matt is truly an exceptional personal trainer. I’ve been training with Matt for a little over a year (via Skype/FaceTime) and during this time have gotten into the best shape of my life. As a lifelong athlete, in the past, I’ve put together my own lifting and diet plans in a haphazard manner always to be left dismayed and discouraged that my results didn’t meet my expectations. Using Matt’s lifting and diet plans that he has specifically tailored to my goals (initially, to get toned and lean; later, to add muscle size) as well as his encouragement, I was finally able to not only meet but exceed my expectations (at 52 years old!). Matt takes a personal approach to your goals not hesitating to adjust your workout and diet plans to make sure you’re getting your desired results. Additionally, the added ‘peace of mind’ that I have knowing that I’m going down the correct path has increased my focus during each workout producing more efficient results. It is without hesitation that I strongly recommend Matt Hall for your personal training.”


I trained with Matt for over a year,, within that time Matt gave me great support and guidance to reach the level of fitness and physique that I had always wanted. With his knowledge and experience he has taught me how to train and eat properly, and by doing that getting great results! Very passionate about what he does! great guy and an amazing trainer!


I have always been into fitness and have enjoyed going to the gym, but I reached a point where I felt I wasn’t always pushing myself and reaching my potential. Matt’s an old friend and I know he’s great at what he does as I’ve seen so many of his clients achieve their goals, his portfolio speaks for itself. Not only does Matt give you the knowledge and support you need during sessions, but he’s there whenever you need a question answered, or an extra bit of advice. The sessions were motivating and enjoyable, and gave me the drive I needed to go off and put everything he had taught me into practise. He has a broad knowledge of fitness and health, and helped put together a food plan that suited my lifestyle and wasn’t so strict that it was unachievable. I’m definitely a food lover, but on his plan I never felt that I wanted to binge eat and pig out, as my meals were tasty and satisfying. Not only did I feel in the best shape I had ever been in, but I had a wealth of knowledge that enabled me to maintain it and continue to push myself. I can’t recommend Matt highly enough, no matter what your needs are or what point you’re at, he will get you to where you want to be.


Ive been training with Matt now for a few months and i haven’t looked back at all. i had been training myself for quite a few years but needed to change something as i wasn’t getting any decent results. the main thing for me was for having someone to tell me what i should be eating and when. Matt is very knowledgeable and doesn’t hold anything back. he wants you to get results and is very pro active is making contact with you outside of your sessions to see how you are doing. The results i have got are pretty amazing. we have done for a few different workouts and change the diet along the way and its worked a treat.

I got in touch with Matt through a Friend who he was training and from the moment we met he was totally dedicated to your needs and fitness goal.
I had lost my way as regards training and diet but with matts help I rediscovered my love for both the gym and good food.
He is always there on the end of the phone to help with any questions or if your feeling a little flat he will boost your confidence.
The results that I have seen in the short time I have been seeing Matt are unreal and so to see it working in front of your eyes helps you keep on track with your goals.
Matt is a credit to his profession and I have also made a true friend.
So if you are wanting to make that lifestyle change and become a stronger fitter person then matts your man.

 At 60 I had real concerns that personal training might not work for me. How wrong could I be! Matt has been brilliant at tailoring exercises and challenges to keep me stretched and interested at every session. He’s constantly supportive, full of good sense without being preachy, and makes good habits and regime change so simple to achieve. I’ve lost almost a stone and a half in two months, without “dieting”, but far more important I feel fitter every day.

I have always exercised and trained whilst trying to eat well, but never sustained my motivation much past 3 months and consequently I was never happy with the results. Having just turned 40 and a long hiatus of not training, I decided to find a PT, one that would achieve my goals whilst understanding that my social lifestyle was important to me, and this is exactly what Matt does.

From the start, Matt provides not just challenging and varied training sessions but the confidence to enable me to train effectively on my own. Matt looks beyond the training and combines it with nutritional advice that allowed me to manage my diet and still look forward to my meals, and also incorporate the odd night out.

After just 4 months I had achieved my first weight goal and 6 months further down the line I am setting myself new goals as my body goes from strength to strength, at the heart of this is Matt’s personal approach to understand my goals and adapt my training to keep me motivated and looking forward to training tomorrow.

I have been training with Matt for 5 months now and can’t believe how much I have achieved in this short time! Before meeting Matt I was not confident at all training in a gym or lifting weights and have never been able to stay on track with exercising or eating healthily for very long.

Training with him twice a week and following his advice on nutrition has given me amazing results already. I am more confident now and have learnt so much about eating the right things.

I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I definitely could not have achieved this without him! He is so encouraging and motivating I am looking forward to seeing more progress.

This week I’m celebrating training with Matt for 3 years. Every week the appointment is in my diary and there’s never a question about whether I’ll be there!!

I first went to Matt to look better…who doesn’t want that? I’ve always enjoyed exercising, social cardio and my guilty pleasure, Zumba….don’t judge me (🤣) but I love my food! I’ve read about every diet and fad going and learnt the science behind it. I’ve tried and tested most of them and always failed to sustain any, taking every principle that fits at the time to allow me to justify and continue eating whatever I want whenever I want!!

Consistency is key! And that’s where Matt comes in!

By seeing Matt every week I work and tone my body, increasing muscle mass, that goes on to work harder, and burn calories way beyond the workout itself !

By seeing Matt every week I address how my diet has been and chat through the issues that have caused me to stray….stress, boredom, hormones, tiredness, social pressure and this realigns and focuses me for the week going forward… it keeps me accountable and gets me back in the wagon.

By seeing Matt every week I am reminded of the non scale gains….my mental health is improved, I have more energy (I rarely feel tiered). I take an hour out of my week to focus solely on me and my well being. …..We laugh, a lot!! ….For that hour I’m not anyone’s Mum, wife, friend, nurse, colleague or daughter, I’m Ruth and it’s all about Me! In turn I’m a happier and calmer Mum, friend, wife…..I am also a better role model to my children in eating well and enjoying food.

By seeing Matt every week I am much more consistent in every aspect of my diet and fitness, I’m not perfect and I still struggle, but I am in a much better place than I would be if I wasn’t consistently seeing Matt!

Matt is incredibly professional without being dull, he has fantastic energy and is always positive, encouraging and supportive, he tailors my workouts to push but not stress me, and the best thing is we always have a good laugh laughing

This took a lot of courage to post – But why do I dislike the before and after picture any more than afterwards?

What I definitely DO feel is a sense of achievement as I achieved the goal I set out to do.

In the before picture I was not overweight at all. I was healthy, had a great diet and overall felt pretty good about myself. BUT with the move to Australia looming I decided to get into the best shape I’ve ever been in and develop my strength. So I embarked on a 6-month training programme with the incredible Matt Hall

Whilst I already had good nutrition/exercise and physiology knowledge, Matt guided me to understand about muscle development, strength training, calorie management and overall accountability.

I cannot wait to see what the future brings,

Thanks Matt

It has been amazing training with Matt for the past five years. Since meeting at Equinox and coincidentally both moving to Loughborough, having a familiar face made my time here at Loughborough all the more enjoyable.

Not only is Matt a great trainer, who always has new workouts planned and organising when he’s available to train, he’s become a close friend and has been there to always provide advice and guidance, and I’m going to miss that most!

It’s not the end, but wish him and his family well for the future.

Working a stressful dayjob & running a full time business was taking its toll on me & I knew I needed to do something to change my lifestyle of poor eating & little exercise.
I did a lot of research into local Personal Trainers as I knew I would need some guidance with being out of the exercise loop for so long, and with what I ultimately hoped to achieve.
I’d narrowed it down quickly to a couple of options, but one thing that really stood out for me was Matt’s clients pictures of real people getting real results.
I had a few email exchanges with Matt & then arranged to meet up to discuss how things would work.
From my first meeting with Matt his positivity really stood out & that coupled with the results I’d seen him get for other clients made me just want to get started straight away!
I initially begrudgingly agreed to commit to 3 sessions a week after realising unless I put the investment in I wasn’t going to reap the rewards. It wasn’t long after this that I started feeling like I wanted to train more. Even after a low day full of life’s stresses I felt great after completing a workout, and feel better mentally and physically after every session.
I’d come into training after a shoulder injury & operation a few years ago and my confidence level with what I thought I could achieve was at rock bottom. I thought I’d be able to do a decent amount of training probably based more around cardio but would be really limited with some upper body exercises. Matt’s given me the confidence and understanding that there is always another way to perform an exercise or a different permeation of an exercise that won’t cause aggravation to a specific area & this has been a massive help to me. I can now perform exercises I would not have approached had I tried to just come back to the gym on my own.
As well as the physical training, Matt’s guidance on food has been invaluable. He quickly gave me a target in terms of calories which was lower than I expected, and discussed what types of foods & proportions of macros I should be consuming.
This information along with the training has helped me shift a real good amount of body fat, whilst still manging to put muscle on.
I feel like I’m a long way off my potential and where I want to be, but after 4 months I’ve seen a really big change in my body, and now feel really motivated to get to the next stage.
It’s not always easy, but be consistent. Consistent with food, consistent with training, keep chipping away, put the effort in, follow Matt’s advice and the results will come!
I look forward to seeing my progress a year from now, and in the meantime I’m focusing on trying to enjoy the journey.

Cheers Matt!

I loved Training with Matt. I was able to get my results much faster than I expected. His knowledge of nutrition and weight training far excelled my expectations and the results showed.

Matt helped me in so many more ways than just a trainer. He understood the demands of working life and encouraged the changes I needed to make, so that I could achieve what I wanted to. His knowledge of training aloud me to trust the process, it is both challenging and enjoyable. It is thanks to Matt that I have changed my lifestyle in a very positive way.

I got in touch with Matt in January 2020 after enjoying my time off over Xmas quite a bit as most of us do. I would consider myself to have always been very active and trained in a gym for years but lacked any clear purpose or plan. I gave Matt the goal of getting me in beach body shape for a holiday that was booked in 12 weeks-time.

Game on! Challenge duly accepted by Matt.

First came, the pre-check in….(I just wanted to get training and get into it!!)….this check in was the sign of things to come. Don’t rush! Do the prep, get it right, trust the process and the results will come.

He outlined a clear training plan for the following weeks, mindful of my pre-existing injuries and my preference to do certain exercises over others as a result. Also, taking into consideration my work commitments even sending me specific hotel gym workouts I could do to keep on track.

Alongside this, he advised on nutrition and set me off on a calorie controlled diet. Yes less than I was used to but there was a goal in sight – there was bound to be some sacrifice. This proved a challenge on occasion but I followed this meticulously (as is my nature).

We would regularly check in and he would suggest some small tweaks which made a big difference. He clearly knows a wide variation of exercises and we utilised these in eachsessions, when I complained of a flare up in my shoulder, no worries, within seconds, we were adapting and still getting the benefits. Top marks for adapting and flexing to suit my needs/abilities. His knowledge is not limited to just the gym.As I said, he would suggest different meals and helped me get into a solid routine both from a physical training perspective but also my making smart food choices. Over the 12 weeks I trained with Matt I have learnt so much more about nutrition than I thought I would. I am chuffed with the results – yes it has been hard work but his support along the way (whatsappmessages to keep the motivation game strong, banter during gym sessions, helpful suggestions for a new way of training and challenging my body) have made such a big difference.

For anyone considering getting in touch for whatever yourphysical needs/goals are, etc I would highly recommend him. A genuine guy, does what he says he’s going to. Has the experience to back up his claims, tailors to individual needs and keeps you on track. He gave me a plan that he said if I stuck to would deliver and he was right!

Without Matt’s help, I would not have lost over two stone, and am keeping it off. It’s not just his range of exercises, it’s the motivation to achieve that makes the crucial difference.

I feel so much better – walking regularly without getting out of breath, and no huffing and puffing climbing the stairs! I would recommend starting your fitness journey with Matt, and I’m 63, so it’s never too late to get cracking.

I started training with Matt over a year ago. I didn’t really have a great deal of direction, I just wanted to get back into the gym and get the most out of my workout, plus cut my body fat, something I’ve always struggled to do. Matt gave me some clear pointers but never forced any changes.

He encouraged me to cut down drinking, and as time progressed and my strength and training improved it was the natural progression. I have never felt fitter or stronger than I have done at 43. I never imagined that I would have the strength to do one full pull up let alone a number.

Matts attention to detail with technique is second to none. I have not sustained any injuries since training with Matt, he is extremely conscientious and reads your capability fantastically. He knows exactly when to push you, and when to stop. Amazing PT!